2007 American Control Conference, July 11-13, 2007, New York, NY USA


Request for Visa

Program Chair: Linda G. Bushnell



Letter of Acceptance for Visa

Uploading the final version of your manuscript and obtaining a formal acceptance letter on conference letterhead for a manuscript accepted to the conference are both performed using the PaperPlaza conference paper management web site (link to http://css.paperplaza.net). The acceptance letter may be used to apply for funding, travel permits, or a visa. An acceptance letter request can only be made using the PaperPlaza web site by following the simple instructions outlined below.

1) Connect to the PaperPlaza web site (link to http://css.paperplaza.net). Please make sure that Javascript is enabled and cookies are allowed in your web browser. Follow the link labeled "Start" at the top of the page and then the link "Log in" on the top of the next page. You should now log into PaperPlaza. Logging in requires your PIN number and your password. If you do not have your PIN number or password, follow the "PIN" link on this page to obtain this information.

2) Access the workspace associated with the 2007 ACC. Follow the "Enter" link next to the entry "Author or proposer of submission ..." where the paper number for each of your submissions is indicated.

3) You will be directed to a page containing nine links to various functions that may be performed with your submissions. Please note that you must indicate the specific submission using the table at the bottom of this page.

4) Follow the link "Final submission" to upload the final version of your manuscript and abstract.

5) Follow the link "Request an acceptance letter" to obtain a formal acceptance letter on conference letterhead. Fill in the appropriate information on the web form that appears and then click the bottom labeled "Fax" at the bottom of the form to generate the request. The letter will be faxed to the number indicated on the form by the Program Chair.